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Who: Dendt
What: Rock Band
Where: Belleville, Ontario Canada
Contact: Management/Booking/Etc.

Paul Jeffreys

2 The Moon Music Management P.O. Box 20181.
Belleville, Ontario Canada K8N-5V1


Belleville Ontario based Dendt, a unique four piece rock band, is thrilled with the response to their recent CD launch. Since the official launch party on December 13, 2002 the group has performed across Ontario promoting the CD with great success.
Dendt was established by D'arcy Hammerton and Tracey Rogers following a "one night only" gig that turned into a partnership. The two combined their singer/songwriter and guitar talents for a number of successful shows. Once they realized how successful the shows were, D'arcy and Tracey set into motion the creation of Dendt. Bass player Kyle Brown and drummer Terry Bald rounded out the band to create a supercharged combination that has left audiences all over Ontario screaming for more.
D’arcy is lead guitar and main songwriter for the band. He has become well known as a wicked guitar player known for his ear catching lyrics and wailing guitar licks. His harmonizing on background vocals is impeccable and rounds out a rich sound that is capable of pleasing any music fan.
Dendt’s lead singer and co-founder Tracey has played in various bands. However, when his talents are coupled with those of D’arcy it’s like touching a match to gasoline. The fire that burns between these two talented musicians on stage, as well as in the music on their CD, is hotter than anything on the music scene today. Tracey boasts a wide vocal range that produces soft melodic tones, such as in the tune “Empty”, or raw, powerful sounds as in “One Night Only”.

As if this fire wasn’t enough, Kyle Brown on bass and Terry Bald on drums throws the dynamite into this mixture for an explosion of musical talent that’s sure to soar to the highest heights in the music business. Kyle’s powerful bass lines can be felt deep down on tunes like Bigger Man, and Terry’s solid, tight blasting snare shots, and quick kick drum pounding are prevalent throughout the CD. The debut CD appeals to all ranges of music fans. From light rock to heavy, Dendt does it all. They’re music is addictive and will leave you wanting more. You’ll listen to the CD for hours upon hours and never tire of it, and once you see them live you’ll be scrambling to find out where the next show is.
Dendt has recently finished recording new material which will be released soon on a new CD. CBC Radio’s New Music Canada has also picked up five of the eight songs from the debut CD for air play on their CBC Radio2 Saturday night New Music Canada show.